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Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring, NW DC. 

  • Gain 150 to 300 Points or more on the New SAT*
  • Better Than Courses
  • Individual Attention
  • One on One Private Tutoring 
  • Tutoring proceeds at your own level and your own pace, in contrast to courses that proceed at the average pace and advance even if you have not mastered the material.
  • More engaging than courses because of the intense student participation required. No back of the classroom daydreaming.
  • Learn Test Taking Strategies
  • Learn SAT Math, SAT Critical Reading and SAT Writing.
  • In your house - No transportation problems for you
  • Flexible Schedule is Easy to fit into your schedule.
150 to 300 Point Gain Program:
  • 20+ Hours of Tutoring  
  • 10+ Two-Hour Sessions.  $60/hour = $120/each session.
  • 20+ Hours of Self-Study  
  • Using The Official Study Guide: For the New SAT and Kaplan books
  • Concepts, problems and techniques are discussed at your convenience. 
Pretest Tune-Up:
  • Variable Hours of Tutoring and Results*
  • Usually Two-Hour Sessions.  $60/hour = $120/each session.

Learn writing, verbal and math skills that will last a lifetime. 

Steve Baba 

  • Ph.D. Economics, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Taught undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Published papers in academic journals
  • Teaching and Academic awards
  • Top SAT website:
  • Former students at Yale, Dartmouth, USMA (West Point) and other prestigious schools. 

"Tutoring by Steve Baba was, in my view, instrumental in my two high school students’ excellent performance on SATs. Steve’s work was thorough and precise, and I credit him with adding 50 to 100 points on every subject to two of my children’s scores.   The result of this is that I have two happy students at Davidson and Haverford Colleges, both exceptionally selective institutions.   I have recommended Steve to many of my friends as a superior alternative to “canned” SAT prep courses and will continue to do so.”

  Chris Carey  

 "One-on-one tutoring is the crème de la crème of prep..."   U.S. News

Texas Instruments and hundreds of teachers use Steve Baba's SAT test prep material.  (Google for teachers who link to Steve's material)

Steve Baba

Phone: (240) 430-0502 (usually available late afternoons, or leave message)

2715 University Blvd. #306
Silver Spring, MD  20902

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Small Seminar-Style Classes of 3 to 8 Students:  If you have a small group of students needing SAT prep, a small seminar-style class can be arranged for $2,000 to $3,000 depending on course length and location (in or near Montgomery County, Maryland)

*Based on  SAT typical improvements, but results are NOT guaranteed. 

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